Showcase of  Selected Projects

Spanning business applications to educational innovations,each project highlights our high-quality technical prowess. See how we enable clients in diverse sectors to achieve their goals and grow.

Remote Multi-Person Virtual Collaborative Platform

GDI designed “Virtual Review Platform for Design Proposals” for Emerson, enabling thousands of designer located around the world to enter the same virtual environment to assess and discuss the design proposal for a large-scale project in real time.

Health Inspection VR Training System

GDI's "VR Training System for Health Inspection" at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine offers an immersive 1:1 virtual training environment. Designed for radiology, dental, fever clinics, and more, it enhances skills, knowledge, and response of health inspectors, promoting public health and safety.

Online Seat Preview with 3D effect

StubHub, an e-commerce group, offers an online ticket platform for global events, requiring a realistic 3D online seat preview with 720-degree panoramic images. This feature provides users with a lifelike view from selected seats, improving the ticket buying experience and boosting conversion rates.

Fire Emergency Rescue Command Visual Simulation Center

This project use visual simulation technology to provide precise real-time data analysis and decision support to address complex issues in fire emergency and rescue scenarios in airport, improve firefighters and drivers' familiarity with fire trucks, firefighting equipment, and reduce errors in real rescue operations with less cost.

Intelligent Factory Production Line Cognitive System

The system simulates ASD's intelligent product production line using VR, realistically depicting kitchenware manufacturing steps like cutting, sanding, painting, and welding. Users can interact with virtual machines to learn processes and principles, serving both promotional and educational needs in understanding manufacturing.

Full-accompaniment Hotel Check-in Virtual Simulation Training System

The "Full-accompaniment Hotel Check-in" is a central module in the tour guide virtual simulation curriculum and the first in a series of specialized software. It's widely used and praised in education for tasks like hotel check-ins and crisis management, developed collaboratively by university and corporate experts.

Tourism and Specialty Agricultural Products Virtual Simulation System

This project employs VR to simulate a 3D 'Tourism and Specialty Agricultural Products' exhibition hall, displaying local products and customs in an immersive environment. It educates on product lifecycles and origins, enhancing student learning and practical skills without real-world constraints.

Traditional Filigree Jewelry Making

Sichuan Vocational College's 'Virtual Simulation for Filigree Jewelry Making' overcomes traditional VR teaching limits in Chengdu's renowned Silver Filigree Craftsmanship. This innovative educational tool blends design, craftsmanship, and practical simulations, fostering innovation in jewelry design while preserving traditional arts.